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In light of all that is transpiring in our culture today, that’s a very good question. There is political turmoil. An absolute rearrangement of sexual ethics. Attempts to limit, if not completely abolish, religious liberty. A health crisis that has impacted the entire globe. And even an effort to transform the English language. With the church of the living God facing such challenges it is not only fair, but wise, to ask, “What in the world should the church be doing?”


Fortunately, God is not silent concerning exactly what His will is for the body of Christ. This year’s Berean Family Conference will look at what God’s calling is for the church, no matter what time it is in history, what country believers in Christ live in, or what the culture is doing. We will focus on 2 words – But You. There are many passages where Scripture acknowledges what is occurring in society. The Lord then juxtaposes that against what He has called the church to do by stating, “But You…”


Come join us as we learn and grow together through the preaching of God’s Word, and fellowship with God’s people. Our prayer is that we may bring forth fruit pleasing, and glorifying, to Him, and that we may faithfully sing the Lord’s song in a strange land.     

Speakers will be:

Mike Fanning: Pastor – Sapulpa Bible Church

Dennis Gunderson: Grace and Truth Books

Guy Harrell: Pastor / Elder - Berean Family Church

Stephen Hopkins: Regional Facilitator – Church and Family Life

Erick Rivas: Founder and Director of The South Texas Bible Conference


Please RSVP by clicking the "Register" button at the top of this page.

Please RSVP and let us know how many will be in your group so we can provide enough food.

If you have any questions, call Rachel at 918-691-3382.

Berean Family Conference – 2022 Hosted by Berean Family Church The Sin Which So Easily Bes
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